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VIP Detector Plugin for Matomo

This is a plugin for Matomo Web Analytics which links the IP of the visitor with a database of IP ranges to be able to recognize special visitors. Said database can be imported from a JSON file.
MIT License PHP MySQL/MariaDB Docker


A manually collected and verified database with contact details of Austrian Government Agencies.
ODbL v1.0 Python CSV HTML

IP Range Database

A manually collected database with IP Ranges of Austrian Government Agencies. Mostly from reading through BGP tables and RIR dumps.
ODbL v1.0 Python Pandas PostgrSQL BGP


Monitor anonymous Wikipedia edits by Austrian Government Agencies and post them to Mastodon.
MIT License Python EventStreams SystemD


Neue Veröffentlichungen aus dem Rechtsinformationssystem des Bundes werden als RSS Feed zur Verfügung gestellt.

WeatherCloud 2 Prometheus

Allows to scrape data from WeatherCloud with a Prometheus compatible client. Be aware this violates the TOS of WeatherCloud and is for demonstration purpose only!
MIT License Python Prometheus APIs

Debian Packages

I build, package and host various Debian packages for my private use.
Python Bash Debian Docker

ASN Docker

The great command line tool asn has a web API mode. This container allows you to run it in Docker.
MIT License Bash Docker

ClamAV and AMaViS Docker

ClamAV and AMaViS in a Docker container.
MIT License Bash Docker


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